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Shelly Pinomaki

Emotional First Aid Coach

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The Current State of Crisis

Crisis is more than an event, it’s anything that sets you off balance. There can be a crisis in your life at any given time. The statistics are real.

Experience Trauma

60% of people experience trauma in their lifetime.

Abuse Substances Post-Trauma

76% turn to drugs/alcohol following a traumatic experience.

Experience Emotional Crisis

Every person will have at least one emotional crisis in their life.


Shelly is equipped to assist with trauma in various situations and workspaces, including Schools, corporations, and Law enforcement offices.

Shelly offers multiple different curriculums in order to provide the best counseling and training suitable for each individual incident.

Some of her workshops include –

Worldview and Faith in the workplace (law enforcement specific)

How your conscious/soul/spirit is supported.

The Three legged stool method

We have physical and emotional/mental support in the current societal norm, but the spirit/soul needs to be addressed too.

Chaplaincy (trauma/crisis fields)

Provides support for the conscious/soul/spirit support, an area that most others are not qualified or supported by ecclesiastical protection.

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Why Shelly

Shelly Pinomaki lost her sister at the hands of a murderer during Christmas 2011, and witnessed the additional trauma inflicted upon her family from well-meaning friends, families – even professionals – because they had no idea what to say or do. Shelly became impassioned to help others. In 2022 Shelly created non-profit in philanthropic support of the RESPECT Project a program that provides mentorship and training for at-risk-youth, provided by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, with whom she also serves as a chaplain for.

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Seeking hope provides the following services -

When the worst happens… now what?

  • Seeking Hope provides debriefing and defusing for trauma and critical incidents (communities, workplace, schools, churches, sports teams, etc.)
  • Team reconciliation and rebuilding techniques
  • Support the whole person: physically, emotionally and spiritually

Instruction/training/speaker on wellness with tools and techniques to bring resilience to individuals in a workspace to create retention. 

  • Learn how chronic stress, vicarious trauma and resilience can impact a person
  • Discover the four points of resilience
  • Create an action plan to support you and your teams well-being

Create custom materials/training to meet individual workplaces.

  • Each workplace is unique, so build a program that best fits that space

Consult or setup of wellness rooms

  • Discover how a wellness room can enhance the workplace and home
  • Learn what should a wellness room or space should consist of and how to maintain it
  • Wellness rooms build retention

Create Chaplaincy programs

  • Discover why a chaplain is essential to any workplace
  • Legal implications of chaplaincy
  • Create a program that is inclusive to all individuals

Spiritual Approach

  • Everyone has a worldview of right and wrong; how do you reconcile that when the “wrong” invades a person’s/community/workplace space
  • Identifying and supporting those with a different spiritual view
  • Specializing in a biblical approach to healing