Where We're Going

Mission Statements

We provide an emotional support plan through training and development.


Vision Statements

Inspiring hope and healing to everyone in crisis.

Why Seeking Hope Exists

“To provide emotional support, reduce stress, and care for others by providing emotional crisis response training. To bring the Word of God using biblical truth to the battlefields across America. To inspire organizations to build teams to care for those in crisis. To share the experiences of walking through life and crisis together.”

How Seeking Hope Wants to Serve You

The training, tools, resources, and community that Seeking Hopes offers are designed to empower and better equip you. Our desire is to challenge your perspective on crisis and to prepare you for the nearly daily realities that disrupt the flow of life in you and in those around you. A crisis is more than a natural disaster, it’s all the events, from simple to severe, that alter our state of emotional well-being. Imagine being ready and knowing how to respond when a friend loses a loved one, their parent has to go to the hospital, or their pet of 12 years is no longer with them. We’re equipping you to respond to life, and that is invaluable.

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About Shelly Pinomaki

Shelly Pinomaki lost her step-sister at the hands of a murderer during Christmas 2011, and witnessed the additional trauma inflicted upon her family from well-meaning friends, families – even professionals – because they had no idea what to say or do. Shelly became impassioned to help others who wanted to help those in emotional pain, and received trauma training, became a chaplain, then founded Seeking Hope. Shelly also serves as a chaplain with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

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