The reality is there are crises happening every day. Working for a company that’s experienced a layoff, a lawsuit, or another trauma can feel like swimming in the ocean. It gets hard to keep track of where you’re going, and sometimes, it’s challenging even to stay afloat.

These situations get even more complicated when you’re managing other employees through the chaos. Not only do you have to minimize your levels of stress, but you also need to help your team, all while maintaining productivity and morale.

While a crisis feels overwhelming, there are some steps to help you move past obstacles and support your team, amid even the most tumultuous environment.

1. Organize the Chaos

During this crisis, chances are you’ve got a lot of new responsibilities and tasks on your own plate. Start with a crisis management plan so you can reorganize and rebuild. 

It’s essential to do everything you can to maintain a normal business routine. Sticking to your routine helps you stay afloat and instills confidence in your team that the situation is under control. So while you may feel a sudden blizzard of panic and urgency, you set the standard for the rest of your team. 

Delegate tasks according to your team’s strengths, and ask for help from your employees. They need and want to help!

2. Be Open and Honest

This might seem obvious, but sometimes our natural reaction during a crisis is to withdraw. Instead, acknowledge the tragedy and provide information. You don’t need to wait until you have all the information to share an update. 

Share what the company did or will do. Acknowledge any lack of information and explain when the information will be available. When you keep a constant stream of information, your team feels informed, included, and valued. 

Honesty plays a powerful role in being open with your team. You’re respecting your team when you share honestly with them. When you’re honest with them, they’ll be honest with you and trust your company. 

3. Actions Speak Louder

Remember the saying we heard as children? 

“Actions speak louder than words.” 

Leading a successful business is not just the words you speak …it’s the actions you take. During a crisis, use your actions along with your words to provide comfort to your team. Protect your employees from further harm, and media. 

It’s a good idea to check in and update your team every couple of days, if not daily. Take the time to check in with each person and ask “How are YOU holding up?” Your presence will be reassuring and they’ll appreciate having face time with you.

You can also support your team by encouraging times of reminiscing, holding meetings to share concerns, and “saying goodbye” rituals.

4. Find Hope

Finding hope in the midst of crisis is the key to success. Despite the trauma your team experienced, there are opportunities for hope. As a leader, take the time to provide comforting information about the victim’s family. 

For your employees, you can point out what they did right, reinforcing their positive thinking, and thank them for their help in managing the crisis.

These tips can’t prevent a crisis, but they can help you and your team get through one. 

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