We live in a broken world. That should be obvious. Things are hard. There’s financial struggles, there’s housing collapses, there’s floods, there’s fires, but there’s also the death. How do we cope with those things? Knowing what to do when people are stressed, when they are emotionally on edge, is an amazing gift. The Good Samaritan story from the Bible tells us that we’re to assess and look at those situations, to recognize those that need help. That’s what we’re doing here. It is the biggest gift that you can give someone. Acknowledging that they’re in pain, being there ready to listen, being open, and being available. And that doesn’t mean just physically being there. That means looking at them. Really truly, opening up your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to come through and be their cushion, be their safe place. That is what we’re trying to do and that’s what teaching does for us.