Shelly Answers Your Most Common Questions

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Everyone is different, and every company is different, and how we handle emotional support is very different. It’s very difficult to group everyone into a one-solution-fixes-all scenario.

There are so many different emotions and emotional responses for each individual that I can’t begin to understand or know what exactly people are struggling with. At Seeking Hope, we deal with all sorts of emotional training and responses to a variety of issues.

You can find solutions in our resources page, or if you still need help, you can reach out to me personally, and I’d be happy to help you with your plan, questions, comments, and concerns.

Resiliency is a skill, and it takes time to be developed. I would say having a plan to work on your resilience skills is the first step. I have a resiliency test that shows how resilient you are and lots of resources that can you help build resilience.