Emotional crisis response training is one of the most important, yet often underrated, elements in the internal training regime of many organizations and businesses. Every one of your team members and co-workers is likely to experience a crisis while on the job and in your space. By providing training to your team, you’re not only empowering them to help others, but you’re also empowering a healthy culture amongst your own team.

If you are part of a church, non-profit organization, business, or ministry, you can benefit from training your staff and/or employees in emotional crisis response. Being ready to provide emotional crisis response is especially critical for teams working directly with individuals in customer relations, pastoral care, counseling, or any other direct communication outlet.

Our variety of training opportunities, conferences, and hosted events allow you to choose what is best for your team or organization. Options range from two hours of crash-course training to a weekend-long conference or event. Each event covers the same material, but in various depths and with varying amounts of practice and practical application. Learn more about each of our in-person training opportunities below.

Training Communities, Businesses, and Teams To Help Those in Crisis

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging, and qualified speaker, Shelly is your best choice. With over 500 hours of training, numerous certifications, and having trained thousands, she can work with within your parameters. Contact us now to book Shelly for your event.

Seeking Hope Training Includes:

Personalized training material for your organization or team.

Print material for the CARES modules and/or Teams & Organizations Training Workbook.

Invitation to the annual Seeking Hope national conference for you and your team.

Access to the Seeking Hope tribe and personal follow up with Shelly.

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In-Person Training Options

Each training option is subject to the needs of your organization, ministry, or business. If you see an option that interests you, please complete a contact form and we will provide you with more information.

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Shelly Pinomaki, Director of Seeking Hope, is an avid speaker, writer, and educator. Working in numerous collegiate education settings, businesses, and churches, she brings a unique perspective to emotional crisis response. Shelly loves speaking with and educating people about emotional crisis response. Her story, riveting and compelling, is a personal testimony as to what can go wrong, what can go right, and how the ripple effect of one’s servant actions, good or bad, can make a difference in the recuperative abilities of thousands. Consider booking Shelly as an inspirational speaker at your next conference, fundraiser, or another special event.

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2 Hour Crash Course

This course is exactly what it sounds like. Seeking Hope director, Shelly Pinomaki, works with you in a small or medium-sized classroom or auditorium setting. The two-hour course is designed to be a follow-up training to the online course. Once your team has completed the online training, Shelly will work with your team to review the course material and walk through real-world examples and training related to your potential client/crisis victim. This training is especially helpful for review, practice, and implementation on all of the strategies learned through the online course.

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Organization & Team Training

Our most popular and most robust training is our Organization & Team Crisis Response Training. This in-person training is comprised of the CARES Training modules plus custom structures, tools, and methods for organizations and teams. Shelly works with your team to develop your own crisis response plan, team structures, communication methods, and training regiment. You’ll walk away from this training with everything you need to train others, build emotional crisis response teams, and effectively help people in crisis.

This training is recommended for church, ministries, and organizations who want to offer services to their own employees, community, city, or other external places of impact. If you are serious about wanting to apply the CARES training to impact others, contact us to learn more about Organization and Team Crisis Response Training.

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2 Day Seminar

The Two Day Seeking Hope Seminars are designed to cover the entirety of the CARES Training Modules in a live, in-person setting. This training structure is perfect for teams and organizations who want to start with a large group of individuals who are interested in individual emotional crisis response training. Unlike organizational and team training, two-day seminars are designed for individuals who are being trained in a group setting.

These are great for churches, businesses, or ministries who want to train their entire community. Contact us to learn more and schedule a training seminar.

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