Whether you want to help others through crisis, overcome your own struggles, or find hope in the world, Seeking Hope has a solution to help you grow.

Features & Benefits

Preparing You For Crisis

A crisis is more than a natural disaster, it’s all the events that alter our state of emotional well-being. Imagine being fully equipped when a friend loses a loved one, their parent has to go to the hospital, or a pet of 12 years is no longer with them.

Equipping You To Respond To Life

CARES Training will challenge your perspective on crisis and prepare you for the realities that interrupt the flow of life in you and in almost everyone around you on a daily basis. We’ll equip you to respond to life, and that’s invaluable.

Start CARES Online Training!

You’ll get access to this packed beginner course with more than 20 videos of training, helpful tools, notes, and a chance to earn your CARES certificate of completion!



What’s Included:

– 20 On-Demand Videos
– Seeking Hope CARES Training Workbook
– Exclusive Access to Hope Tribe
– Full lifetime access
– Remote Access From Any Device
– Basic crisis intervention and emotional first aid procedures
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What You'll Learn

Learn what to do after a crisis and how to care for and ensure that people are recovering well.

Learn how to help hundreds, or even thousands of people throughout your lifetime.

Become an emotional crisis responder that people are drawn to in hard times.

Increase your capacity to serve, love, and care for other people without neglecting  your own needs and desires.

Access our complete list of videos showing the best tips and tools to care for people in crisis.

Learn how to respond when a child is the victim of a crisis.

About Shelly Pinomaki

Shelly Pinomaki lost her step-sister at the hands of a murderer during Christmas 2011, and witnessed the additional trauma inflicted upon her family from well-meaning friends, families – even professionals – because they had no idea what to say or do. Shelly became impassioned to help others who wanted to help those in emotional pain, and received trauma training, became a chaplain then founded Seeking Hope. Shelly also serves as a chaplain with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

More About Shelly

Slide 1 What Others Are Saying Shelly has an incredible way to get people to talk about and acknowledge what has happened to them. It’s huge to talk about trauma… Shelly is a perfect person who can relate to people. - JANE, SHELLY’S WORKSHOP ATTENDEE Slide 2 What Others Are Saying CARES Training is a really good way to help others in crisis. I also learned how to apply what I learned to myself. Shelly was well-prepared; we really enjoyed her. - PETER, SHELLY’S WORKSHOP ATTENDEE Slide 3 What Others Are Saying After CARES Training, I have more empathy. Shelly did an incredible job providing practical applications during this course. She never strayed off topic and was very adaptive to questions! - COLTON, SHELLY’S WORKSHOP ATTENDEE